Blast Cleaning Applications

Cryonomic blast cleaning is fast, effective and clean– and it is far better for the environment than conventional blast cleaning methods.


Increasingly popular, dry ice cleaning is an economical and non-toxic process that leaves surfaces dry and abrasion free. An altogether environmentally-friendly alternative to cleaning with solvents or hazardous chemicals.

Below are some industries where dry ice cleaning has become the cleaning process of choice:

Aerospace, Rail And Marine

Removing decals and aircraft identification markings prior to re-badging. Restoration of historical aircraft and renovation of airframes. Cleaning of turbine engines, fan blades and aircraft landing gears and routine maintenance cleaning of runway guiding lights. Cleaning of locomotives and rolling stock and for the removal of graffiti from wagons and railway infrastructures. For removing anti-fouling and existing paint on boat hulls before re-painting as well as for the general maintenance of marine engines.


The non-abrasive cleaning guarantees absolutely no wear to cleaned surfaces increasing the life of moulds, machinery and production equipment to continuously provide high quality finishes to manufactured products. Used for general maintenance to remove release agents, epoxy resins, polyurethane foams, rubber and sealants and weld splatter.

Food Production

Cleaning and sanitization of food production areas. Effectively decontaminating surfaces due to the low temperature of dry ice, Cryonomic cleaning is compliant to HACCP requirements meeting EPA, USDA and FDA guidelines. Significantly faster and more efficient for removing all baked-on, carbon deposits from cooker ovens, creeper canopies, fat fryers and the cleaning of fire suppression heads in deep fat fryer canopies. Cleaning of dough mixers, totes, continuous conveyor ovens and drive chains, to the removal of general processing wastes from all types of production equipment.


Dry ice cleaning provides a considerable reduction of time to clean foundry moulds, kernel boxes, guaranteeing a high quality finish to all manufactured products.


Hospitals And Medical Devices

Cleaning and sanitisation of catering equipment, delivery trollies and general handling equipment. Removal of mould, mildew and elimination of bacteria and other micro-organisms. For cleaning surgical stents and de-flashing of moulded, medical implants.

Local Government

Removal of graffiti, impacted chewing gum and organic mould growth. Restoration of monuments and historic buildings and cleaning of public amenities including street furniture.

Nuclear And Power Generation

For general nuclear decontamination. Cleaning of HRSG gas turbines, heat exchangers, transformers and substations. Stator-rotor installations, switchboards and cabinets including ‘live’ electrical components.

Printing And Packaging

The printing industry broadly recognises dry ice cleaning as the most efficient and fastest method for cleaning presses and associated equipment such as drums, grippers and rollers, ink trays, gears, print decks and guides as well as for removing paper dust, hot melt adhesive and glue.

Rubber And Plastics

The rubber industry benefits from considerable savings related to the reduction of cleaning time whilst increasing the lifetime of moulds, machinery and production equipment.

Restoration And Renovation

Dry ice cleaning is rapidly becoming the preferred process for property restoration and is successfully being applied in a wide variety of applications in the construction industry including fire restoration for removing soot and other fire detritus from wood, metal, masonry, glass, tiles and walls. Used for façade cleaning removing traffic pollution, mould, mildew and general weathering. Increasingly requested by Loss Adjusters and Surveyors as the only blast cleaning process for the restoration of Historic and Listed buildings and more recently, accepted by the Health and Safety Executive for use in asbestos and ACMs removal and decontamination.

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