Blast Hours

65,456 blast cleaning hours completed to date

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65,456 blast cleaning hours completed to date

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65,456 blast cleaning hours completed to date

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The Dry Ice Cleaning Specialists.

Cold Clean UK are the UK’s leading supplier of dry ice blast cleaning services and products, all delivered nationwide.

Dry ice blast cleaning is a fast, powerful and cost-effective way of removing contamination, grime or unwanted coatings on equipment, buildings and surfaces that need a clean, dry and abrasion free finish – all with no secondary waste.

Non-toxic and non-corrosive, dry ice blasting is an environmentally friendly alternative to cleaning with abrasives, water, solvents or hazardous chemicals.

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Blast Cleaning Services

Dry Ice blast cleaning is a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative for a vast array of applications and industries that use traditional cleaning methods and materials like abrasives, water, solvents or hazardous chemicals. Equally, if you have something novel or new, we are eager to test new applications and processes – if you have a challenge for us, let us know!

As well as an extensive range of on-site services, Cold Clean UK also offer free, expert and impartial advice on all aspects of dry ice cleaning. If you have a specific application in mind, or are more generally interested in the capabilities of process and equipment – just get in touch and we’d be delighted to help.

At Cold Clean UK we recognise that each customer is unique and so our experienced staff will apply impartial and expert technical knowledge to your specific requirements – we are only interested in offering the best solutions that work for you. From delivering training through to implementing a complete and contracted dry ice cleaning service – and everything between, we have the people, equipment and systems you need.

Cold Clean UK offer free on-site tests and demonstrations too!

Contract Cleaning

Contract Cleaning

For one-off cleaning jobs, periodic cleans at single or multiple locations, or full time site cleaning services – call in our industry leading team. We will tailor an efficient and cost effective solution that meets all of your needs.

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Equipment Hire

We stock a huge range of single and twin hose dry ice blast units, all fully serviced and ready for hire. Our experienced and trained personnel can advise on the most appropriate system, including options for dry ice pellets, mobile compressors, PPE and documentation.

Blast Cleaning Training


Our comprehensive training packages are delivered by experienced technicians. During training, we are also on hand to give expert advice and recommendations to ensure your requirements are properly addressed so your cleaning process is safe, effective and efficient.

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