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Case study image showing a Lion Statue before cleaning


Case study image showing a Lion Statue after cleaning

Local Government

Sandstone Lion statues vandalised with spray paint in public park

Weelsby Woods opened to the public in 1951, at the entrance are 2 lion statues commissioned in 1876 and have stood as a poignant feature of the park to present day. We are community focused at the heart of Cold Clean UK and we were shocked to find that these pieces of local history had been defaced and set straight to work to rectify this. With our UK wide operation, key positional bases and our ability to mobilise quickly we were able attend the same day to remove the paint and restore the statues to their former glory. All work was complete within 2 hours using our state of the art equipment and processes whist having no detrimental effect the precious statues.

“An outstanding result, please pass on my sincere thanks to the team for a job well done and to your MD for being so community minded” : Local Councillor

Dry ice blast cleaning was perfect for this application as it was powerful enough to remove the paint and heavy weathering whilst not affecting the surface of the statues that abrasive cleaning would do. As no secondary waste is created with dry ice blast cleaning it was ideal for the wooded environment with minimal clean up required on completion.