Sector: Food


Case study image showing a pipe before cleaning


Case study image showing a pipe after cleaning


Removal of congealed and hardened foodstuff from stainless steel vessels.

Historically cleaned by a mixture of hand tools (scrapers & wire brushes) and water jetting in an extremely labour intensive process that took more than a shift to complete and created a huge amount of secondary waste, our client challenged us to reduce the down time as well as eradicate the generation of costly secondary waste. Working together with our client we have implemented dry ice blast cleaning for this process reducing their downtime by up to 75% per clean and totally removing messy secondary waste and subsequent disposal costs. Initially, all work was completed by fully qualified Cold Clean UK operatives however due to extended cleaning opportunities at this site we have subsequently trained the Client cleaning teams to safely and effectively use our equipment. We now hire our state of the art and fully maintained dry ice blast cleaning equipment to the Client on a regular basis for them to safely and efficiently carry out vessel cleaning as well as the cleaning of additional equipment that was previously too difficult to fully clean by hand.

– Dry ice blast cleaning has reduced an 8+ hour cleaning window to 2 hours.

– Turn around for new ‘mix’ within 3 hours.

– No secondary waste generation.

Equipment used: Cryonomic® COB62+ with 6 bar site air.