Sector: Chemical


Case study image showing a project before cleaning


Case study image showing a project after cleaning


Removal of various grades of polymer adhered to the internal walls, lid and agitator assemblies of reactor vessel.

Historically cleaned by hand with brass scrapers in an extremely labour intensive process, each reactor would take over 5 days to clean and this was repeated every 6-8  weeks. Working together with our client we have implemented dry ice blast cleaning for this process reducing their downtime by up to 80% per clean and reducing the required clean frequency to quarterly due to the high cleaning standard achieved with dry ice blasting. All work is completed by our fully qualified Cold Clean UK operatives complete with High Risk Confined Space Training and the years of experience that go with operating in these environments.

– Dry ice cleaning fully completed in 1 or 2 x 10hr shifts (variable due to level of contamination and mix) per reactor.

– Turnaround for new mix typically achieved within 24 hours of release to Cold Clean UK.

– All operatives trained in ‘Working in High Risk Confined Spaces’

Equipment used: Cryonomic® COB73R with 400 cfm compressor @ 10 bar (aftercooler, filtrations and water separator).